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Kelly Dwyer

I have perianal fistulizing Crohn’s Disease, primarily in my terminal ileum. I was diagnosed in 2018 after more than 16 years of acutely failing health. I have faced incompetent, gaslighting physicians and infusion centers, private equity firms putting profits over patients, criminally negligent health insurance companies driven by greed, multiple drug failures and surgery.  

I currently maintain my health on a biologic injectable medication that I take at home, weekly. I’ve had four previous biologics fail me, and have been on multiple forms of steroids, frequently, to combat my flares and try to bring me to stable health.

I’m a mom to two wonderful kids, a teen and a pre-teen. And I’m a spouse to an incredible partner who inspires me everyday. We currently live in the Washington DC Metro area, close to family and our support network. I write speculative fiction in my free time, and you can learn more about my writing at

Like many people with IBD, I live with life-altering disabilities from my disease, but I do my best, everyday, to Keep My Shit Together.

My Goals

Credits and Disclaimers

I am not a doctor or medical professional. I provide links to information and research as best as I am able, but I do not endorse or validate the quality of the data or sources, unless otherwise indicated. I encourage you to take my experiences and resources suggested, and use them to open a dialogue with your medical professional to get the best care you can.

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